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Care and Treatment for people living with HIV& AIDS

The St. Maarten AIDS Foundation assists people living with HIV and AIDS with not only care and treatment, but also with counseling, ongoing support, and active advocacy on their behalf.

Care and Treatment

HIV is no longer a death sentence - with advances in medications, people diagnosed with HIV today can live long and healthy lives, as long as they adhere to a healthy and risk-averse lifestyle. However, HIV is still not a laughing matter. It is a profoundly life-changing event and should not be taken lightly.

An individual that has tested positive is given an appointment with Dr. Gerard van Osch at the earliest opportunity, usually the following business day. The follow-up consultation will involve a second, confirmation blood test. If the confirmation returns positive, Dr. van Osch will direct you to several support services available through the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation, as well as guiding you through whether treatment should be started or not. 

Whether you are insured or not should not be a consideration. The St. Maarten AIDS Foundation will endeavor to provide you with appropriate and timely support regardless of your insurance status. 

Ongoing Support and Counseling

For people living with HIV, the H.O.P.E. group endeavors, through group sharing and learning, to effectively manage the infection and improve their overall health and quality of life. Click here for more information on the H.O.P.E. group.

For people caring for those with HIV and who may need an outlet to talk to others about problems or issues, the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation is available for confidential counseling. Click here to contact us. You can also read more about living with family members that are HIV-positive here.


Although there is a marked decrease in stigma associated with HIV and AIDS on St. Maarten, there are still many areas in which people living with HIV/AIDS may face various issues in everyday life.  The St. Maarten AIDS Foundation is at the forefront to protect the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. Click here to read more about our Advocacy efforts.