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what we do in hIV/AIDS awareness

outreach & support

Outreach and Support programs are the mainstays of St. Maarten AIDS Foundation's initiatives, furthering HIV/AIDS awareness and providing care to people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Three Arms Interlocked


People diagnosed with and living with HIV may find that life is no longer quite the same. Although a manageable disease, the stigma associated with being HIV-positive may still be felt and it may manifest itself in some unexpected areas. Read More.

care & treatment

The St. Maarten AIDS Foundation assists people living with HIV and AIDS with not only care and treatment, but also with counseling, ongoing support, and active advocacy on their behalf. Read More

prevention outreach

The St. Maarten AIDS Foundation engages in multiple outreach programs to educate both the general public and at-risk populations about the risks of HIV infection. Read More

ask annie

The St. Maarten AIDS Foundation and the HIV/AIDS Program Management Team of the government of St. Maarten are proud to give you an opportunity to ask anything about HIV/AIDS. Read More.

girl power

Tailored specifically for St. Maarten’s teenage girls enrolled in secondary schools, Girl Power is an HIV/STI prevention program that applies the theory of gender equality and empowerment. Read More

treatment options

Treating HIV has come a long way.  Nowadays it is entirely possible to live a long and healthy life while HIV-positive, thanks to advances in medicines. Read More

stronger together

The Stronger Together/Red Ribbon campaign is an annual fundraising initiative led jointly by the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation and Scotiabank. Read More